9 inch Height Letter ($1.66)
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for more than 1 Letter Set, adjust QTY at checkout
1. Please double check spelling.
2. We will make letters the exact way you type
"Upper case Lower case, space, etc."
3. Please
count the letters (Characters) and select the number on "Select Box"
please count spaces.(1 space for 1 character)
(we charge special characters such as '!@#$%%&*()+ as one letter).
5. Don't see your font?, type your font in "Other Font" Box.
6. Mirror Image is the lettering for inside of windows
so It looks normal from outside.
7. Width comes different depends on fonts ,
Width Limit means, total length of whole texts, if it makes too
long because depends on your font or bigger text size please put
total width space by inch on Width Limit box
8. To order more letters, click "Keep Shopping" at shopping cart.
9. If other info is not selected, default Regular shape (not mirrored)
letters will be made.
* Don't see Your Font?, Type in Your Font Name in "Other font" Box